ZIO Tutorials

Table of Contents

A few "how to" type tutorials are provided. They assume C++ libraries and/or Python modules are installed and available. See install for how to provide that.

1 Languages

ZIO Python package implementation all ZIO concepts while the ZIO C++ library lacks some higher-level concepts (eg, brokers). The existing tutorials thus, so far, only cover the Python implementation. Where a C++ implementation also exits, it follows almost identical patterns, just different language syntax. Studying a Python tutorial should be sufficient for using the C++ implementation, should it exist.

2 Prepare

In addition to installation it is helpful to have ipython available and running to try out code snippets.

$ pip install ipython
$ ipython
In [1]: import zio

3 The Tutorials

The tutorials are listed below approximately in order that they should be exercised.

  • message ZIO's multipurpose message object
  • peer Distributed network discovery and presence
  • port High level abstraction of a socket
  • node A discoverable group of ports working together
  • flow Data flow protocol between two ports
  • flow broker Framework for a server bringing together flow clients with flow handlers in a pluggable manner.